Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Municipal Election - the Interactive Version

In 2013, only 39.1% of Jerusalem residents voted in the municipal elections. The low voter turnout was mainly due to the low participation, only 1.6%, of Arab East Jerusalem residents. 55.3% of Jerusalem’s non-Arab residents participated in the election.

Neighborhoods with the highest voting rate were Ramat-Shlomo (82.2%), Ramot-Alon North (72.5%) and Giv'at-Shaul (71.4%). The lowest voting rates in non-Arab neighborhoods were in the City Center (35.2%), Musrara (37.2%) and Ge'ula & Mea She'arim (38.2%).

Want to know the number and percentage of votes that each party received in previous elections and by neighborhood? Want to do your own research and analysis?

Friday, August 3, 2018

Can the High-Tech Sector in Jerusalem be an Economic Growth Engine for the City?

Yamit Naftali

Recent years have seen growth in the Jerusalem high-tech industry, including in the bio-tech sector in the city. Between 2013 and 2017 the number of companies increased by 52%, and according to the IVC, the Israeli High-Tech and Venture Capital Database, today there are about 500 high-tech companies in Jerusalem, of which 29% are bio-tech companies, and the number of employees is approximately 15,000.